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How it works


We'll Keep them Until you're ready

Stop staring at their photos

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Get over your Ex

If you slip...Doctors heal

Google Photos, Dropbox, and your camera roll may store your photos...but they won't stop you from looking at them
Storage box



Store your photos in our secure private cloud so they're separate from your other photos




Select a date when you want us to release them to you



Delete, download, or extend your storage.  You decide when you're over your Ex and ready to move on



Set a dollar amount that stops routine viewing of photos, but lets you "break the glass" in case of emergency

You're not ready to delete those photos of your Ex, but you have to stop looking at them.  You have to get them off of your camera roll, out of your personal cloud, and somewhere you won't see them until you're healed.


With KeepUntil, your photos are kept out of your reach.  You set a date when you want them released. Then, you set a dollar amount to stop you from looking at them before you're ready. 


Getting back together?  Just need a quick look? 


Pay the fee that you set and you can look, download, delete, or extend the release date. 


With KeepUntil, you have the power.  The photos will always be yours. We'll just Keep them them Until you're ready.


Make it to your release date? You pay nothing!

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KeepUntil you're ready


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  • Easy transfer directly from camera roll

  • Set your own dollar amount that will stop you from peaking

  • Create multiple albums with different storage dates 

  • Add photos to your albums without "breaking the glass"

  • The photos will always be yours...we'll just KeepUntil you're ready


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Store up to 50 photos or videos in our secure private cloud for as long as you want. You set your own dollar amount that you will be charged if you want early access to your content. Make it all the way to your selected date...never pay!



Same great features as our standard version but you get to store up to 1,000 photos and videos

$0.99 per month

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